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How to properly store your tyres when not in use

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Tires are expensive to replace and repair, so proper tire storage is important. This guide will teach you how to store tires to keep them from dry rotting or deteriorating.

Keep each tire in an airtight plastic bag

Aside from sunlight, the next leading tire deteriorator is oxygen. While some things in storage require airflow to breathe and stay in good condition, tires, on the other hand, do better when sealed tight. An airtight space prevents oxygen from reaching the tires, slows the oxidation process, and prevents the oil from evaporating and drying out the tires. Remember to wrap each tire individually for the best results.

Tire storage options:

  • Specialty tire storage bags
  • Large black contractor garbage bags
  • Vacuum sealable plastic
  • Thick tarps that you can tie wrap tightly around the tire

Store tires in a cool, dry environment

To find the perfect cool and dry environment to keep your tires, you want to locate a place where the temperature and humidity remain consistent. Dips or hikes in either of these can result in premature tire aging. Storing tires in a consistently warm environment is not good for the rubber, but keeping tires in freezing temperatures is also not good. Ironically, the place you keep your car is one of the worst places to store tires. Constant sunlight, weather exposure, and fluctuating temperatures—all things a garage is known for—damage tires over time.

Where to store tires:


  • Consider a climate-controlled storage unit to maintain a consistent environment.
  • A basement is a common choice, but keep tires away from furnaces, water tanks, sump pumps, and other ozone producers.

Keep the tires out of the sun

Some argue that UV rays are the biggest factor in tire aging since direct sunlight can heat the rubber, dry it out, and cause premature deterioration. The best way to keep tires from dry rotting is to limit sun exposure whenever possible.

How to keep tires out of sunlight:

  • Cover outdoor tires with a thick, sun-protectant tarp, making sure light cannot pass through the fabric.
  • Store tires indoors and away from windows or doors.
  • Use tire storage bags designed to keep tires out of the sun.
  • Purchase tire covers if you are keeping the tires on a car.


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