Vakayama Story

From the beginning until now

The beginning of the story


In the 70's, the garage provided car service, especially tires for trucks and passenger cars that traveled between different cities.

The spark of the idea


Drivers' complaints about the durability of car tires due to road breakage sparked the idea of making the product

The first product


After much research on customer needs and the mechanism of rubber and rubber production, the product was launched as Vakayama, which entered the market with this name due to production in a small factory in Vakayama, Japan.

Production line transfer


Due to the prosperity and quality of the product and the popularity of consumers, the production line was moved from Vakayama, Japan to Taiwan for wider production.



Today, with a world of changes in performance, design and, of course, quality, and with the advantage of Heat Brof in China with the most modern and up-to-date technology and machines for producing car tires in the world, it is being produced.